Thomas Joyner is a versatile creative talent based in Portland, Oregon. His wide-ranging résumé includes work as a writer, writing coach, theatre educator, scholar, director, dramaturg, performer, and business manager. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Theatre from the University of Colorado.

Tom’s education and work experience gives him a broad array of critical and creative skills in the areas of writing, research, editing, coaching, directing, performing, and teaching. He brings to each of these activities a strong grasp of effective narrative structure, a proven ability to communicate clearly to a wide variety of audiences and apply story-telling techniques in entertainment, academic, and business contexts.

New Material

Having received permission from Voltage Entertainment USA, I’ve started posting some samples of my unedited scripts for the games I’ve written for them. So far, I’ve uploaded the first few episodes of two different character routes from Knight of My Heart, the prologue and first few episodes from Speakeasy Tonight (again, the two character routes I worked on).

I also started putting content in the “Synposes” folder under the “Dramaturg” header: some guidlines for writing good play summaries, and samples of various summaries tuned to specific purposes are now available.

I’ll be adding more to both sections in the days ahead.