Study Guides

The study guides in this section were created for the University of Colorado Department of Theatre and Dance between 1998 and 2001, when I was graduate assistant for publicity. They were distributed to Boulder-area high schools and available to anyone attending the productions they reference.

This was a great job. I had the opportunity to dig into and write about many plays and playwrights, interview students involved in production, work with faculty and other grad students and, in one case, interview a famous performance artist. And all this in exchange for some tuition credit and a modest stipend. Not a bad deal.

I wrote most of the copy and edited the rest. I have included credits for those cases in which I was not the sole author, but most of the copy reflects my hand to a large degree, since I quickly established a “house style” for these things.

Should you be interested in contacting me in regard to these documents or my services as a consultant/dramaturg/muse on productions of these or other works, please do. You can find my contact information under the “About” tag on the site’s toolbar.