Testimonials from fellow professionals

Ray Lederer, Bethesda Games, lead artist on The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim


“It is seldom that one meets a writer who is as inspired and inspiring as Tom Joyner is. A vast reservoir of mythology and science fuels his curiosity and imagination. His stories light a fire in the reader’s heart and fill the mind with images to chew and savor.”

William Missouri Downs, playwright


William Downs Square

“Tom provided dramaturgy for the script as he gave me spot on creative and scholarly notes that allowed me to rewrite. One moment he’d give intellectual notes on theme, style, aesthetics, and history, while the next he’d give artistic suggests on character, story, and motivation. It has been my experience that there is a divide between theatre artists and scholars. People are either one or the other and I seldom encounter someone who can operate effectively in both worlds. Tom is a rare exception. He is both a scholar and an artist

Marie Fuchslin and Maisy Cabilin, Associate Producers, Voltage Entertainment USA


2b198e1 “Thomas is imaginative and willing to take intelligent risks in his writing. Our team is impressed by his creative ability to develop and reintroduce characters from complex storylines. He adapts quickly and easily to new plots, and has proven his excellence in worldbuilding. With a colorful imagination, witty sense of humor, and openness to challenges, Thomas remains our most highly valued writer.”


Jim Spivey, Associate Editor, DC Comics (1993 – 1999), Director of Kirkus Editorial, Kirkus Media (Current)


“Tom Joyner was one of the first writers I was introduced to and started working with when I joined DC Comics’ editorial staff, and he quickly endeared himself to me. And it wasn’t by bribing me with lavish gifts or the like…oh, no. He did it the hard way: by being really good at his job.

“Comics run on a monthly schedule, and it’s often a brutal one, but the projects Tom scripted were never the ones I had to worry about. He was always an ace with his deadlines and fully prepared for our story conferences; he remained very aware that he was working within a high-profile shared universe and had to “play nice” when we borrowed the toys from one of the other titles; and his characters were fully formed and believable, and their imaginative stories were true to who they were and the world they populated. Tom also had a good understanding of collaborative media, which comics very much are. The directions in his scripts were clear and concise, so the artist was easily able to render what Tom had envisioned. Also, he defended his ideas well, but also handled it gracefully when I asked him to make a change — so well, in fact, that even when he disagreed with a note, he integrated it so well into the scripts that you’d never guess he wasn’t a total fan.

“In short, Tom Joyner is the kind of writer any editor would want to work with, and I hope I get the chance to do it again someday.”