Scarlett by Tom Joyner, Keith S. Wilson, and Jim Fern

The life of high school cheerleader Bly Pharis is disrupted by her parents’ violent murder and the accompanying revelation that she is, in fact, The Scarlet Redeemer, fated to lead the last phase of an ancient war against a race of vampires.

And yes, I know the premise seems familiar. When Keith, Jim and I were developing Scarlett, we had yet to hear of Joss Whedon or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sadly, the ill-fated film came out right about the same time as our first issue hit the stands with, I will concede, a much better title and a higher profile afterlife.

Scarlett was long-gone by the time Whedon revived the film as the TV series that went on to become a pop culture phenomenon. <sigh>

After some initial resistence, fueled by my sense of the Unfairness of It All, I gave in and watched Buffy. The short version of that story is, I became a huge fan and a religious follower of the show and its spin-off, Angel, as well as everything else Mr. Whedon has involved himself with since.

Here’s Keith’s take on our little side-saga to the Whedon phenomenon: a blog post he wrote back in 2010:

And now, for your consideration, a little trip to What Might Have Been . . .