Speakeasy Tonight – A Prologue

Location: LaSalle Street Station/Chicago (Interior) (Day)

I was climbing off the Twentieth Century Limited at LaSalle Station in Chicago still wondering how I got here.

(Shipped out to live with my stuffed-shirt of an uncle because I bobbed my hair and snuck out to one party!)

(Uncle Charlie was all right when I was a kid, with the corny magic tricks and doing all the voices when he’d read me the Sunday funnies … )

(… but last time we saw each other, I was twelve!)

The station was packed with lots of high hats going about their business. Not a second glance my way.

(Maybe if Momma hadn’t dressed me like a suffragette, I’d be getting some jazz from some of these upstanding types!)

I wandered outside, looking for the guy I was supposed to meet.

(Vince … something, one of Uncle Charlie’s assistants he said. Probably some pot-bellied geezer in spats and a high-band collar!)

Location: LaSalle Station (Exterior) (Day)

(This town is hopping! I’ve never seen so many cars … !)

(No old gent I can see. Just that sharp-looking guy in the straw boater … Hold the phone!)

(He’s waving a sign … with my name on it!)

???? “Hey, miss! You [USER_FIRST_NAME] [USER_LAST_NAME]?”

Heroine “Who’s asking?”

???? “Name’s Vince Moretti. I’m an associate of your uncle’s.”

(Things are looking up. Nice suit. Flash tie. Nice face underneath the hat … and that car!)

Heroine “You look Italian. Poppa always said never to trust Italians. “They’ll steal you blind while they’re shakin’ your hand,” he said.”

Vince was still leaning against the car.

Vince “You always listen to your pa?”

A) “I’m a good girl.”

B) “Almost never.”

C) “How’s that your beeswax?”

Selection A

Heroine “I’m a good girl.”

Vince “How’d you end up here, then?”

Heroine “I’m misunderstood.”

Vince “Meaning your folks stopped believing your fish stories?”

Heroine “Meaning at least I’ve got folks to tell fish stories to!”

It was a cheap shot, but I was mad!

Vince “Like the Frenchmen with the skinny swords say: touché, doll. You got me.”

He slapped his hands to the imaginary wound in his chest.

Selection B

Heroine “Almost never.”

Vince “Haha! Like I figured. You wouldn’t be here if you was a listen-to-Papa kind of gal.”

Heroine “You’ve got a smart mouth.”

Vince “No one ever washed it out for me.”

Heroine “You daring me to try?”

Vince “Not ‘cause it don’t sound like fun … but Charlie’d have me in a sling.”

Selection C

Heroine “How’s that your beeswax?”

Vince “Ain’t sayin’ it is, but a guy can be curious.”

Heroine “A guy can be fresh.”

Vince “And a gal who knows the rules is playing the game. You seem like you read’em cover-to-cover.”

(He’s got a nice smile. Is he making eyes at me? Might be all right if he is.)

Vince “That haircut your sportin’ under that chicken platter tells me you don’t listen to your ma much either.”

I pulled off the big, feathered hat Momma had nailed on with hatpins.

Heroine “I sure listened to her harping for the last week. You gonna get my bags or stand there admiring my wardrobe?”

He sauntered over and grabbed my suitcases, stowing them in the back of the car. I tossed my hat after them.

Heroine “Rip the lid off this breezer. I want to see the big city.”

He chuckled and shook his head, then took down the canvas top, grinning all the while.

Vince “Looks like dear old Uncle Charlie’s got his hand’s full.”

Location: Vince’s car – downtown Chicago (Interior/Exterior) (Day)

A few minutes later, we were in traffic, me trying to get a good gander at EVERYTHING without looking like a rube.

Vince “That’s the new Wrigley Building. Thirty stories. The Trib Tower’s gonna be across the street. Thirty-six floors.”

He was pointing to the biggest building I’d ever seen. I tried to go off all casual, ‘cause he was watching for my reaction.

Vince “Hey, you wanna see Comisky?”

Heroine “What’s that?”

Vince “Comisky Park! Home of the Sox! Don’t you follow baseball?”

Heroine “The Yanks, sometimes. I’m not a fanatic about it.”

Vince “No danger of becoming a fanatic at a Sox game. They’re not the same since the scandal. I’ll take you sometime.”

Heroine “You think Uncle Charlie’s gonna go for that?”

Vince “What he don’t know can’t hurt him.”

Heroine “What he finds out might hurt you, though.”

(He’s got a nice laugh … wide-open and free.)

Heroine “So, spill: is Uncle Charlie the same? I mean, he was always a good egg to me as a kid, but kind of a bluenose.”

Vince “Charlie? Still an upright citizen. Anti-Saloon League, big wheel Rotarian and in the front pew every Sunday!”

Vince “How about you. What got you this sentence?”

(Can I trust this guy? He seems okay but … aw, what’s the harm?)

Heroine “Chopping off all my hair was the start. Momma was livid, but she was settling down … “

Heroine “… but then Teddy Denby invited me to this dance down at the armory … “

Vince exploded in laughter.

Heroine “Hey! Growing up in East Nowhere, the pickings are slim.”

Vince “Hope you an’ ol’ Teddy had a good time.”

Heroine “Teddy was a bust, but the dance part was all right. Then I had to be a sap and get caught sneaking back in.”

Vince “That’s the whole deal? You snuck out and got collared?”

Heroine “There might have been some gin involved.”

Vince “Oh-ho! Well, you won’t be getting into the hooch with Charlie keeping an eye out.”

Heroine “I guess he’s going to put me to work at his dusty old appliance store in between prayer meetings … “

Vince gave me a look I couldn’t quite figure.

Vince “Could be worse. Believe me. All Charlie wants is to do right by folks.”

Location: Wide shot of Charlie’s Townhouse (Exterior) (Day)

(Holy smoke, what a house! Guess the appliance biz is booming.)

I got my hat back in place just as the man himself burst out the front door.

Charlie “[USER_FIRST_NAME]! Heavens, you’ve grown into a lovely young woman!”

(More gray around the ears, but the same ol’ Uncle Charlie … looking like he stepped right out of the undertaker’s catalog.)

Charlie “From what your mother said in her letter, we have snatched you from the very grasp of Satan!”

Heroine “It was just a dance.”

Uncle Charlie pursed his lips in disapproval, looking under my hat.

Charlie “You cut off your beautiful long hair to imitate these … what are they calling them … ?”

Vince “Flappers. Like in that Clara Bow picture.”

I shot Vince the you-ain’t-helping look. He flashed me a smile and a wink that said he knew it already.

Charlie “No niece of mine is going to become a gin-joint floozy! Come inside. I have some temperance literature for you to study… “

Uncle Charlie took me by the elbow and steered me into the house. I could’ve sworn I caught Vince smirking as he followed with my bags.

Location: Kitchen, Charlie’s house (Interior) (Day)

Uncle Charlie sent Vince off, then sat me down in the kitchen and started in.

For twenty minutes, he gave me what for on the evils of demon rum, jazz, and fast company.

(Guess we’re past the magic tricks or Sunday funnies.)

Location: Heroine’s room, Charlie’s house (Interior) (Day)

After he ran out of steam, he set me to unpacking before hoofing it to his office downtown.

(This room’s like Queen Victoria’s overstuffed parlor! I can’t stand it!)

(Wasn’t there a movie theatre a few blocks over, showing the new Elliot Graham picture?)

I changed out of the ankle-length skirt, high-collared blouse, and corset Momma’d insisted on before she’d let me get on the train ….

… into my new Basque dress with the embroidery, cuban-heeled shoes, and my best cloche hat.

Location: Movie theatre lobby (Interior) (Day)

The picture was, “Girl Trouble” and it was good.

Afterwards, in the crowded lobby, still dreaming about being the girl troubling Elliot Graham, someone pushed into me from behind. I stumbled …

… and was caught by a pair of strong arms attached to a broad chest and chiseled jaw.

(Holy … ! He looks like … No! Can’t be! He looks like Elliot Graham ‘cause I just spent the last ninety minutes staring at Elliot Graham larger-than-life … )

???? “Well, it’s not every day I get to sweep a beautiful girl off her feet … even though I didn’t exactly do the sweeping.”

Heroine “Pull the other one. I bet you’re a regular artist with the broom.”

???? “You’ve got the wrong idea, sweetheart. I’m just my sister’s kid brother, fresh out of knee pants.“

Heroine “Can it, handsome. Modesty fits you like a Santa suit on Charlie Chaplin.”

???? “I like your style, kiddo.”

He flipped a little square of paper out of his breast pocket and handed it to me.

???? “Gotta go right now, but I’m going to be at the address on this card later. Come on by. We’ll continue the fascinating rhythm.”

I took the card without thinking, mostly because he was smiling at me with every tooth in his mouth …

(And darned if he doesn’t STILL look like … )

???? “The name’s Elliot, by the way. Hope you liked the picture.”

(Huh. What do you know.)

Location: Charlie’s Appliances (Exterior) (Night)

Uncle Charlie was still out when I got home. I changed into my only other good dress, touched up my face and called a cab to take me to the address on the card.

Heroine “Hey, Mister … you sure is this the right place?”

Cabbie “I bring you where you tol’ me. Store’s closed.”

I paid the man and stepped out onto the street in front of …

(Uncle Charlie’s appliance store?!)

I just stood there, wondering what to do. I saw a guy with a newsboy cap heading my way …

… but then he ducked into the alley beside the store.

(Where’s he going?)

Location: Alley/Icebox entrance (Exterior) (Night)

He heard me behind him and stopped, his fine features highlighted by the streetlamp at the end of the alley.

???? “Something I can help you with, miss?”

Heroine “Ah … yeah. I was … supposed to meet a guy here, but I get here and all I see is an appliance store … “

He looked me up and down, but not in a rude way.

???? “Maybe he meant you should meet him at the ‘box?”

Heroine “What’s that?”

???? “The Icebox. Little hole-in-the-wall where I tickle the ivories.”

(A club of some kind?)

I nodded.

???? “Well, come on. You’ll excuse me for saying, but you’re dressed real nice. Bring some class to the joint if you’d hang around and listen to a set.”

Heroine “You do hot jazz?”

???? “Yes, ma’am. Some blues, too, New Orleans style. Got a fine canary who sings it up right.”

Heroine “I’m [USER_FIRST_NAME], by the way.“

I stuck out my hand. He gave me a wary look, then took it.

???? “Julius Harper. You’re a funny one, that’s for sure.”

He gave a syncopated knock on the door at the end of the alley. A peephole slid open and a single pale eye appeared.

???? “Hey, Jules. Who’s the chippy?”

Julius “Ain’t no chippy. She’s a lady. Says she’s meeting someone here … “

Heroine “He said his name was Elliot.”

The eye shifted to me. Julius was staring too. The door flew open, emitting a burst of noise and smoke.

Location: The Icebox (Interior- wideshot) (Night)

(It’s a speakeasy! But … right under Uncle Charlie’s store?!)

Thanking Julius, I made my way across the empty dance floor to a bar worthy of Rockefeller.

(How can Uncle Charlie be so far off the beam he doesn’t know THIS is going on right under his blue nose?)

Location: Speakeasy interior – Bar

Two guys were seated at opposite ends of the bar. One was cool like an iceberg … the other dark and coiled like a spring …

Iceberg gave me the quick once over, then went back to his drink, muttering.

???? “Julius is getting above himself, bringing his girl in here.”

Heroine “I’m not … I just met him in the alley!”

(Although Julius did seem sweet …)

Coiled Spring, whose eyes lingered where Iceberg’s glanced off, kicked in his two cents.

???? “Don’t mind Neil. He plays at being a man o’ mystery, but Doc’s just a cold fish.”

(So Iceberg’s some kind of doctor named Neil. Okay … )

Heroine “And you … ?”

???? “Me? Darlin’, I’m the answer to your prayers … I got credit at the bar. Name’s Donovan Gallagher.”

Heroine “I love your accent! Are you English?”

The corners of his mouth took a quick turn south.

Neil “Sister, never mistake a Mick for a Brit. Liable to wake up dead.”

Donovan “Shut up, Dresner. The kid don’t know. Besides, even Brits are better than Huns like you. Where you from, kid?”

Heroine “Little burg just north of Nothing.”

Donovan “Lemme buy you a drink. Hey, Cliff! Pagin’ Clifton Conway to the front desk!”

The bartender blew through the doors from the backroom, carrying a case of whiskey like it was full of feathers.

(Geez! Another fine specimen! Look at those shoulders!)

Cliff “What’cha need, Donovan? I got a mess back here I gotta …“

He stopped and gave me the look I was starting to recognize.

(These city boys sure aren’t shy!)

Heroine “What kind of mess?”

Cliff “Aw, it’s just these tally sheets, doll. Stuff coming in, stuff going out … profits and losses … business stuff … “

I grabbed the sheaf of papers he was waving and looked them over.

Heroine “Here’s your problem … “

I pointed to a couple of columns of figures that were transposed.

Heroine “You need a real spreadsheet, not this scribble. Look … here’re your REAL inventory numbers … “

I nipped the pencil from his pocket and added up the columns in about twenty seconds. Cliff, Donovan, and Neil looked on, amazed at my parlor trick.

Heroine “Hey, it’s not like I’m a trained monkey! I did two years at Mrs. Bradburn’s Secretarial and Business College.”

Cliff “Well, you sure are prettier than a trained monkey. How’d you wind up here?”

Heroine “Funny story. There was this guy outside the picture show. Looked just like Elliot Graham! Anyway, he gave me this card … “

I slid it across the bar. Neil and Donovan both snorted into their drinks.

Cliff “Would it send you for a spin if I told you it WAS Elliot Graham?”

Heroine “You’re not pulling my leg?”

Donovan “He does little recruiting for the management when he’s in town. Never hurts business to have the pond stocked. How about that drink?”

Heroine “Sure. Something with gin… but no bathtub stuff!”

Donovan “I see what’cher doin’ there, Cliff! Make it full strength!”

Cliff “All right, but listen, doll, keep your wits about you with this one.”

Donovan “Don’t be scarin’ the wee girl, Clifton.”

Heroine “Say, Cliff, can I ask you something? Who owns this place, anyway? See, my uncle … “

But the place was filling up and he had to dash off. Donovan and I kept talking. He was charming, my drink was strong, and I was having fun …

… and then the band started up.

Julius kicked up “I’m Somebody’s Somebody,” the rest of the band joined in, then the singer came and started wailing …

… and in a snap, the joint was jumping!

Heroine “They’re great! Who’s the singer?”

Donovan “Cleo Lang. Got some pipes, that one does.”

The dance floor was starting to fill up. I grabbed Donovan’s hand.

Heroine “C’mon, I do a mean Charleston.”

Neil “Donovan never dances. Doesn’t want you to see how much booze he’s got on board.”

Donovan “How ‘bout you, Doc? You offerin’ to hop with the lady?”

Neil “Ah … no … I … “

Donovan “I thought so. Claims he’s got a bum leg. I think he’s just a stiff.”

Just then, Elliot Graham made an appearance, surrounded by a bevy of gorgeous women …

Donovan “If it ain’t the Great Lover himself. Hey, Elliot!”

Elliot saw Donovan and started to move toward us, smiling broadly when he saw me. His bevy stuck close and, mixed in with them was a familiar figure …

Heroine “Vince?!”

Donovan “You … know Vince?”

I didn’t have time to answer, or even to ponder what Vince’s presence meant, because, excuse me … movie star!

Elliott “If it isn’t the charmer from the cinema lobby! Glad you made it. Let me get you away from these bad influences here … “

I took another gulp of my drink. Elliot’s harem stared daggers at me as he took my hand and led me to the dance floor …

Julius saw Elliot and broke into “Charleston.” Next thing I knew, I was DANCING with Elliot Graham!

As Elliot and I cut the rug, I caught glimpses of Vince.

(Is he running this place on the sly? Is that how the Icebox ended up under Uncle Charlie’s store? Or is there more to Uncle Charlie than meets the eye?)

Now Vince was at the bar, talking to Cliff. They were both looking my way.

(Are they talking about me?)

Vince signaled to Elliot, who excused himself.

I worked through the crowd to get close enough to eavesdrop.

Vince “You invited her?”

Elliot “She’s a hot little tomato, right?”

Vince “The hottest. In more ways than one.”

(Nice to know they think I’m hotsy-totsy, but why is everyone looking like they stepped in Granny’s petunias?)

Elliot “What do you mean?”

Cliff “She’s Charlie’s NIECE, lunkhead! She’s fresh off the train to get the temperance treatment, not a stiff belt of Elliot Graham!”

(They ALL know Uncle Charlie? What is going ON here?)

Elliot looked stunned, but then he caught me watching. I did my best Dumb Dora, but it was no good. He stepped over and tapped me on the shoulder.

Elliot “So, [USER_FIRST_NAME], shall we get back on the floor?”

(Who am I to say no to more dancing with the biggest name in pictures?)

We finished our dance, danced another … and then I spotted Vince watching me.

Heroine “Come on, you owe me one after that sass at the station.”

He looked like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, then shrugged and cut in for Elliot.

Turns out, Vince was a good dancer. When Julius swung the band into a slower number, Vince pulled me close.

We both felt the sparks. His eyes were glued to mine as we moved across the floor.

Vince “You think Uncle Charlie’s gonna go for this?”

Heroine “A wise man once said, “What he don’t know can’t hurt him.””

He just grunted at my arched eyebrow remark, but he didn’t let me go, which suited me. His hand on my back pushed my front against his front.

When the band ended their set, I didn’t let him go too fast.

Heroine “Is it just me, or is it getting awful warm in here?”

He kind of shook himself, like a dog waking up from a good nap.

Vince “Uh … yeah … I should … do something about that … “

He peeled himself off me, but he kept looking back. And every time he did, I was still watching.

A) Get another drink

B) Talk to Neil again

C) Find Julius and make a request

Selection A

Cliff was in a lull when I bellied up.

Heroine “Where’s Donovan?”

Cliff “Had to go to work. Say, how’d you learn all those dances out there in Zilchville?”

Heroine “Used to practice to records on the Victrola with a girlfriend. We got pretty good.”

Cliff “I’ll say. Ready for another drink?”

Cliff went light on the second one.

(He’s looking out for me. Sweet.)

Heroine “You ever get out from behind the bar to shake a leg?”

Cliff “I stay here. The girls come to me.”

I reached over and grabbed a hunk of bicep just as Vince walked up.

(Solid as a rock … soft skin, too.)

Heroine “What do you do for exercise, Mr. Conway?”

Cliff raised his eyebrow and blushed. Vince guffawed.

Vince “She meant the weights, you mug. Not the other thing.”

Realizing what he must’ve thought I meant, it was my turn to blush.

Cliff “Sorry. Shouldn’t have taken you like that.”

(This one’s a real gentleman. Wouldn’t want him thinking I’m too much of a lady, though.)

Heroine “Cliff, nobody takes me any way I don’t want to be taken.”

Selection B

Neil was still holding up the bar.

Heroine “You don’t dance … don’t even bounce your foot to the music. You hold that glass any tighter, it’s gonna break.”

Neil “You saying something?”

Heroine “Why’re you even here?”

Neil “Fending off the advances of mildly inebriated tomatoes like yourself has its rewards.”

Heroine “Everybody’s gotta have a hobby … but I don’t think that’s yours. You could pickle your liver at some quiet joint … “

Maybe the booze was making me smarter or just more willing to say whatever came into my head.

Heroine “Maybe you got scars from the war … even a bum leg, like Donovan said, but the real wound you brought back ain’t on the outside.”

Neil made those ice blue eyes wide, like headlights on a new Caddy.

Neil “You’re punching above your weight, doll. Get lost.”

He seemed to mean it, so I got lost … but I left knowing I’d been right.

Selection C

The band was on a break between sets. Julius was alone in the corner with a book.

Heroine “Poetry?”

He blinked up at me. I held his gaze and nodded.

He gave me another one of those looks like before … not sticky eyes, like most guys, but like he was looking INTO me. The he started reading …

Reciting … beautifully.)

It was a poem about old, old rivers and how poets bathed in those rivers throughout all time …

… Indian rivers, African rivers … the Mississippi down to New Orleans …

Julius “… I’ve known rivers. Ancient, dusky rivers. My soul has grown deep like the rivers.”

Heroine “Wow … that was … beautiful, Julius. Did you … “

Julius “Naw. Fella name of Langston Hughes wrote it. To me, his stuff sounds like jazz.”

Heroine “I can see that.”

Julius “Gotta get back to work.”

Heroine “Hey, can you play my favorite song for me?”

I whispered in his ear. He got a broad smile. I gave him a peck on the cheek.

Julius “I do believe Cleo knows that one.”

I grabbed Elliot and dove back onto the dance floor as the band struck up a slow, sexy version of “ ‘Taint Nobody’s Business If I Do”.

The rest of the night passed in a blur of dance steps, hot licks, and gin fumes.

The band packing up, when Vince offered to get me home.

Vince “How you get in without getting caught is up to you … and you can’t tell Charlie where you been, either!”

I was about to grill him again about who really ran this place when the phone behind the bar rang. Cliff answered, then motioned Vince over.

I trailed along, curious. Cliff looked so serious.

Vince “Spill it, Cliff. What’s going on?”

Cliff “It’s Charlie. He’s been shot!”

Location: Vince’s car – Streets of Chicago (Night)

Vince drove. Fast. I had a million questions, but I clammed up and thought my thoughts.

(Whoever called knew they’d reach someone who knew Uncle Charlie … so Charlie must know about the speakeasy … which means … )

(Gosh, I hope the old boot is all right!)

Location: Hospital lobby (Interior) (Night)

I was surprised to see Elliot in the hospital lobby with Julius and the rest of the band.

They were talking to a uniform cop who turned around just as we came in …

(Donovan! He’s a COP?)

My jaw was still on the floor when Neil came down the hall.

Neil “Just got through talking with his doctor. Barring infection, he’s going to be all right.”

Everyone cheered their relief.

(It’s nice to see everybody wishing him well.)

Finally, the doctor said a few of us could go in. We whittled it down to me, Vince, Cliff, Neil, Donovan, Elliot, and Julius.

Location: Charlie’s hospital room (Interior) (Night)

Uncle Charlie did not look good, but he was sitting up. He pulled on a smile when he saw me.

Charlie “[USER_FIRST_NAME], I’m sorry you had to be here for this. Just a case of mistaken identity … “

Heroine “Don’t worry about it, Uncle Charlie. How’re you feeling?”

Charlie “I’ll be all right, dear. Can you wait outside? I need to talk to my associates … “

Heroine “Is this about the speakeasy underneath the shop?”

He went from pale to paler.

Heroine “It’s the bee’s knees! You’ve got a little inventory problem, but … “

Charlie “Who the hell … pardon my French, [USER_FIRST_NAME] … let her into the speak?!”

A hasty explanation of the events that brought me to the Icebox filled a couple of minutes.

Heroine “So … now what? Neil says you’re going to be out of commission for a few weeks … “

Neil “Months.”

(Not a man to sugarcoat anything.)

Vince “I can take it over. I bring the booze in anyway, might as well retail it … “

(So Vince is a bootlegger!)

Charlie “No. Sorry, Vince. You’re too much of a loose cannon. Even Donovan can’t cover for your temper every time … “

Charlie “Maybe we just shut down ‘til I’m back on my feet … “

Cliff “Due respect, boss, we’ll lose our customers! Julius and the band … the whole staff … “

Charlie “All right. You don’t have to paint me a picture!”

Out of the clear blue, an idea popped into my head and came right out of my mouth.

Heroine “Me. It should be me. I should run the Icebox.”

Every guy in the room looked like I’d just told ‘em clowns on pink elephants were coming for Christmas.

Before they could say why not, I started telling ‘em why.

Heroine “I graduated from Mrs. Bradburn’s Secretarial and Business College, worked in Pops’ office at the factory … “

Heroine “I’m good with numbers, plus I’m more sociable than all these guys put together, except maybe Elliot … an, face it Uncle Charlie, I’m FAMILY … “

(Uncle Charlie’s got that shrewd look in his eye, like Pops when he’s sizing up a deal.)

Heroine “… you got to trust family first, am I right? Oh, and one more thing … I got away with more stuff back home than Momma and Pops ever knew … “

Heroine “… so, looks like I got your devious streak. I think that makes me a sure fire success in the speakeasy racket!”

He sat in silence for a minute, rolling it over in his mind. The guys all looked at me, like I’d just done a magic trick to even get him to think about it.

Uncle Charlie’s eyes flicked from one of us to the next. He took a deep breath.

Charlie “All right, [USER_FIRST_NAME], you’re the new official proprietor of Charlie’s Appliances and … everything below street level … “

I gave a little squeak and clapped my hands.

Charlie “Vince and Cliff’ll show you the ropes … but you got to do one thing, besides coming to visit me, that is … “

Heroine “You name it!”

Charlie “You’re getting into a dangerous business. Maybe you’re smart, even tough for a girl … “

Charlie “… but you ain’t the kind of tough you sometimes gotta be for the Chicago booze trade … “

Charlie “So, you pick one of these guys to back you up. Deal?”

(I’d promise him the moon with a blue bow on it right now I’m so excited!)

Heroine “It’s a deal, Uncle Charlie!”

Which guy will you choose to help you run the speakeasy?

A) Vince, Charlie’s right-hand man

B) Donovan, the cop with connections

C) Julius, sensitive, stable, works all the angles

D) Elliot, a good draw, good with people

E) Neil, mature, a healer with an undertone of danger

F) Cliff, knows the speakeasy and clientele best.