Voltage Entertainment USA Games

screen568x568From late in 2012 until early 2015, I scripted for Voltage Entertainment USA — the American affiliate of a  popular Japanese app game company. Voltage publishes otome games — romance simulations or, more accurately, playable romance novels. Until recently, the company has been creating “westernized” versions of the original Japanese game content with the help of writers like me. Now, they have embarked on creating their own original content that departs from the original otome format in some important ways. I’m was excited to participate in this project for more than two years.

For those of you unfamiliar with this style of game, it works like this: you download the prologue to a game for free. The prologue serves as an introduction to the characters and situations of the game in which you play the heroine. At the end of the prologue, you choose one of the male protagonists. For a nominal fee, you can then play through “your” story of romantic and adventurous entanglement with your choosen hero, making choices along the way that influence the final ending of your tale. These are, at their core, little romance novels with pictures; very popular in Japan and gaining some traction over on this side of the Pacific.

My last work for Voltage was for a game that is yet to be released at this writing. My last published project was Voltage USA’s first almost-original product, inspired by but not adapted from a Japanese original. Speakeasy Tonight is a game set in the Roaring Twenties (iTunes) for which I wrote the prologue, and the Vince Moretti and Neil Dresner story arcs, as well as the epilogues and Point-of-View stories for both characters. I’m happy to note that it earned a 5-star rating on iTunes when it premiered and has maintained that rating ever since (at least at this writing).

For an independent review of Speakeasy Tonight, please visit MyLadyLydia.

Samples of my original, unedited scripts for these two character routes are available here on my website.




You may also check out earlier games for more of my work:

Knight of My Heart is available  here, from iTunes. Sample of my original, unedited scripts from the Henri Monville and Jacques Durand story arcs can be viewed under the Voltage Entertainment link on this website.


My Lover is a Thief is available here, for which I wrote only the epilogues for two of the characters, Hugo and Bryan. These games are also available through Googleplay, here.

My other work for Voltage includes the prologue and two story arcs, plus epilogues for Intimate Business,  another adaptation of Japanese material — but a very free adaptation. Intimate Business is available on iTunes and for Android. My work appears in the stories for Hunter Stark and Noah Housler. Once again, samples of the unedited, original scripts for these story arcs are available by following the links under Writer/Voltage Entertainment USA on this website.


If you’ve read and enjoyed any of this stuff and want more of my work specifically, check out My Killer Romance (iTunes and Android). Though I had nothing to do with the main stories for any of the charcters on this one, I wrote the first long spin-off/sequels for two of the characters, Leo and Raphael, and just completed work on the short Kieran spin-off story “Royal Invitation.”

I wrapped up my work on a still-unreleased Voltage game (tentative title Kisses & Curses), about a modern-day witch. I’ll link to that when it’s released.